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At A & L we are proud to be renovating and rejuvenating gardens across Ballarat. Whatever the project you have in mind, our soft and hard landscaping services will see your garden transformed in no time. If you're looking for yard renovation or retaining walls, pergolas and paving to lawn mowing and hedging, we can help you create it.


Our number one priority with every project is to ensure we can bring your vision to life in the way you imagine. We will of course have suggestions and recommendations to help build upon your ideas, but this is your project and we do it your way. We have been landscaping Ballarat for more years than we'd care to recall, so if you'd like to consult our architects to help you make both aesthetic and structural decisions they are always available to share their expertise. 

Landscaping Ballarat

Stunning Garden Landscapes

From private homeowners to government property and commercial landscaping we have the experience and knowledge to complete the job to the highest standard. Keeping our clients happy is how we have grown and developed for so many people in the Ballarat and greater Victorian region. Having access to premium landscaping supplies and equipment helps us stick to the budget of your project whilst also guaranteeing a high quality result that everyone is stoked with. No job is finished until you are completely satisfied. Whether that means re-varnishing a surface, changing out a garden bed or installing a new structure, the project isn't finished until you're happy. So if you have a Ballarat landscape that you'd like to transform into your dream garden or entertaining area, get in touch with us today.

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We're not your average gardeners. Having a team or professionals with building qualifications means we are able to tackle larger landscaping projects such as decking, pergolas and even carports.

This makes us a one stop shop for your entire renovation. 

Landscape Gardening

Although we're capable of hard landscaping and constructions projects we're humble gardeners at heart. If you need someone to give you backyard a makeover or even do regular lawn mowing. We can be of service. We can also manage tree clipping and stump removal. 

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces whether for your driveway or pool surroundings is a delicate job. We take pride in having the knowledge and skills to lay these foundations with precision around you home. We also work with stone and pebbles surfacing if you're after a fancy finish.

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Why Us?

By offering such a wide range of services, we are able to be the one stop shop for your project. This saves you both time and money by not having to deal with multiple tradies and construction companies. From soft landscaping such as trimming, stumping and garden rejuvenation to hard construction such as fencing, decking, paving, pool tilling, balustrades, pegolas, carports, concreting and rendering. This is the result of generations of experience and passions joining forces in one business to provide the ultimate landscaping design team. If you're in the market to landscape Ballarat, our architects work closely with clients to brainstorm ideas and workshop each planning stage. This allows for the perfect combination of ambition and expertise to create breathtaking outdoor living spaces worthy of the front page of "Better Homes and Gardens." Your neighbours and friends will be blown away by the classy comforts and lush surroundings of your new entertaining area. Get in touch soon so you can start enjoying your transformed balcony or decking space. Looking for the right landscaper in Ballarat and pulling the trigger can be a daunting task. Whether you're worried about the cost of the project or impact it will have on your day to day life, we're happy to discuss all options to suite your needs and bring your garden transformation come to life. As landscape design is what we live and breathe, we're more than happy to chat on the phone about your project and provide an obligation free quote for your ideas. This way you can more accurately envision what’s required to create your desired space and start moving towards that goal today. It is difficult to conceptualise every part of the process from materials required to time needed. So now you’re only a phone call away from getting closer to your ideal space. Whether or not you'd like to move forward today or in the near future. Our team is always ready and willing to help you get started. 

Competitive Rates

Landscape Artist smilling next to flower

Ballarat landscaping has seen steady growth and housing development over the past few years. This has resulted in numerous landscape gardening companies to emerge. We love to see our industry flourish but also keep a close eye on our competitors to ensure we have the most affordable options to fit your budget. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We're take care of our customers by offering cheap landscaping at a high quality that always matches or exceeds expectations. This is how we've been able to grow as a business. We strive to continue building trust in our local community by over-providing time and time again. This has proven to our regular customers that when it comes to quality and affordability, we are unmatched. 

Before starting any new landscaping or construction we always do a full inspection of the property both above and below ground. Identifying subterranean objects or assets, such as pipes or wiring, is an essential step in safe development. The earth types in Ballarat and across Victoria range from softer sand and soil through to clay and rock depending on your location and surroundings. You may require heavy duty equipment such as a jackhammer, bobcat or even an excavator to effectively carve out your desired garden. We have both the machinery and the qualified operators to handle almost any type of landscaping Ballarat including heavy duty earth moving on both residential and industrial scales.

We offer both real grass sourcing and installation as well as astro turf. See more from Artificial grass in Newcastle.


Qualified Professionals

If you'd like your space to flourish in the years to come there are many factors to get right to achieve this. You need to use the best material type for paths, steps and walkways to ensure they do not crack or fade over the years. As landscape gardeners Ballarat, we know whether to use tiles, concrete decking can make a huge difference to the longevity of your entertaining area. There are also a whole world of options when it comes to planting, fertilising and mulching your garden beds. We can help you choose the right products that promote growth and keep plants happy over the years so they are always looking fresh and healthy. If you are a green thumb and want to manage the gardening after the development is finished we are happy to set you up with some of our industry secrets to help you and your garden flourish. As we regularly landscape Ballarat, we also have maintenance gardeners available if you would like a professional to regularly mow the lawns, trims bushes and trees, resurface decking or even pressure clean surfaces such as your driveway. 

We have been in this industry long enough to know the risks associated with landscaping, excavating and construction. This is why we are fully insured and every staff member working onsite has been through all necessary certifications and apprentice training. We have the upmost respect for your home and your way of life as it is our responsibility to improve upon the foundations that you've built. We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can prove we are as helpful as professional as we claim to be. Please use our contact form if you'd like to receive a free quote. If you'd like to fast track your project make sure to call the team today on 7035 6996.  


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7035 6996

We service nearly every suburb in The City of Ballarat including:

Lucas 3350, Bunkers Hill 3352, Smythes Creek 3351, Bonshaw 3352, Delacombe 3356, Sebastopol 3356, Redan 3350, Mount Pleasant 3350, Mount Clear 3350, Canadian 3350, Eureka 3350, Black Hill 3350, Soldiers Hill 3350, Ballarat North 3350, Invermay Park 3350, Wendouree 3355, Cambrian Hill 3352, Ross Creek 3351, Magpie 3352. 

We are available to serve other suburbs around Ballarat, Victoria depending on the size of the job. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can help you with your upcoming landscaping project.